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10 Funniest Cats Photobombs Ever

Humans are pretty good at photobombing, but we have nothing on the rest of the cats kingdom. They understand the art of ruining a photo in a way that our feeble people brains could never comprehend. It’s been a long time since we rounded up the funniest cats photobombs, so we went through the seemingly endless supply of them that have made the Internet in the last year and found some hilarious new ones to share with you.

1. Sad Window Kitten

Why are you so sad, Window Kitten? Hopefully because you keep ruining your mom’s photos and you are guilty about it! Ugh.

2. The Levitating Cat

Incorporating levitation is extremely advanced photobombing. Do not try this without practice.

3. Bodyguard Cat

It still counts as a photobomb even if you are trying to block a bullet.

4. Evil Cat Who Knows Something You Don’t Know

5. Overly Self-Serious Cat

This overly self-serious cat just completely ruined what was going to be a perfectly good picture of some dude in a blue shirt.

6. Stalker Cat

This is from a scene in a doggie horror film where they develop their vacation pictures and realize they were being watched the whole time.

7. The Sinister Plotting Cat

8. Dog Who Clearly Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of Staring Off Wistfully Into The Middle Distance

9. The “Oh, sorry, am I ruining your dramatic MySpace picture?” Cat

10. Attention Hound

This dog also sits in the front of the class and seems to think he’ll have a better chance of getting called on if he raises his paw higher than everyone else.

11. Extra one (no comment)

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