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Cat Kisses

Aren’t cats just so kissable? I love to kiss their little nose and forehead. What about you? When a cat snuggles up and taps his wet nose to you, it is an affectionate gesture and a way for them to say “I Love You!” When a kitty is
slowly blinking his eyes as if he is getting sleepy, it is also a sign of affection which is similar to a blowing kiss. You can return a kiss by giving them a nose bump or blinking your eyes slowly at them.

It is hard to believe that cats are often misunderstood as aloof and unsocial creatures. Below is a collection of kitty kisses photos that will definitely prove those people wrong.

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5 Responses to " Cat Kisses "

  1. Laura says:

    This is too cute :)

  2. MICHELLE says:


  3. Katie says:

    Too stinking cute. I’m a little crazy cat lady! This made my day!

  4. Mary Regnone says:

    I just LOVE this site. The best Iv’e seen in a long time. Thank you !!

  5. mary fox says:

    they are very cute

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