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Sad Cats

For some people cats are a passion, a delight, they love them so much that they would do anything for these nice animals. But some people do not like cats so much. For all these people here’s a cool selection of cute,but little sad photos of cats.
These sad cats photos are really professional and some of them are masterpieces.

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2 Responses to " Sad Cats "

  1. aaww they are all just so purrfect

  2. Jan Lewis says:

    I used to be a nurse until I hurt my back, now I nurse cats and kittens that come to me in various ways…I have several now that have been nursed back to health and hung around…luckily we live in a small village with many outbuildings to hide and play in. All of these treasures have been spayed and neutered, with current shots.
    My point is just, the saddest faces and looks I have ever seen have come from an ill, hurt, or just plain lost animal. It’s their eyes I guess, I can usually sense what they are telling me and try to respond quickly…I do so love them all.

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