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4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Healthy And Happy
Photo Source We all love our cats and can’t imagine home life without them. They are a key member of the family and it’s important that we care for them in the appropriate manner.  Read More →
Taking Care Of Your Cat's Teeth
Photo Source Dental care is an important part of looking after your cat’s health. Teeth and gum problems are very common in felines. In fact, it has been estimated that eight out of ten cats will suffer from such illnesses after they have reached the age of three. Fortunately, there are many things you can do reduce... 
Weird Foods Cats Can And Can't Eat
Cat’s are funny creatures. They’ll try to eat almost anything and turn their nose up at their cat food! There are some odd foods that cats just shouldn’t eat. Read on to find out what you can and can’t give your pet.  Read More →
This Dad Built A ‘Cataquarium’ For Freezing Cats On Thanksgiving
Here’s a strange sight that we don’t quite know what to make of: a concerned soul living on a farm built what they call a “cataquarium” for strays or outdoor cats that live in the area to seek shelter in when it gets cold or wet outside. The catch? One side of the enclosure is a window into the owner’s house,... 
Real Life Tom And Jerry Photos
Everybody loves Tom & Jerry. If you miss them here’s a life version of Tom & Jerry:    Read More →
Arnie as a babysitter
Meet Linton Zoo’s newest and fluffiest little addition: a Turkmenian Eagle Owlet named Hüwi, which is Turkmen for “Eagle owl.” When keepers noticed that Hüwi’s owl mom, named Rohan, wasn’t quite as attentive as she should be, they stepped in to hand-rear the chick. In addition to the human care,... 
20 Things We Can Learn from Kittens
If there is not enough happiness in your life, try to follow these simple tips from kittens! They are always happy, so maybe some tips from their lifestyle could make you happier:) What are they? 1. Sleep! The most important thing in the life of every kitten. 2. Sleep a lot! 3. Spend a larger part of the day sleeping! 4.... 
Lions Cubs in Action
Between Superstorm Sandy, an intense election season and the impending nor’easter, we needed a smile today as much as you probably do. Fortunately, this photo of a six-day-old lion cub came our way. The cub looks like she is trying to give an intimidating roar but instead of feeling threatened we had to “awww”... 
Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel
Cat Oreo accepted a baby squirrel that she has nursed along with her litter of kittens since before its eyes were opened. Oreo’s family found the newborn squirrel on the ground after it fell from its nest and placed it with Oreo and her babies in their straw filled outdoor shelter.  Read More →
Cat and the Blue Butterflies
Avid photographer Natalia Moldovanova captured the moment when the family cat Lepa frolicked amid a sea of blue butterflies. The student was home visiting her family in Leningrad when the butterflies alighted on the ground in front of her and the bemused ginger tom, and she got these great shots of the encounter.  Read More →
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